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Jane’s Defence Weekly
K. Kuska, Poland launches M-346 training, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 17 Apr 19.
K. Kuska, Poland negotiates with US on F-35 buy, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 13 Mar 19.
K. Kuska, Poland plans to upgrade Mi-24 fleet, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 24 Jan 19.
K. Kuska, Polish and Lithuanian territorial armies agree to co-operate, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 21 Jan 19.
K. Kuska, Poland accelerates fighter replacement programme, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 4 Dec 18.
K. Kuska, Polish MND approves Armed Forces Development Programme, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 4 Dec 18.
K. Kuska, Poland orders UGVs, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 27 Nov 18.
K. Kuska, Polish MiG-29 resumes operational flights, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 5 Nov 18.
K. Kuska, Poland proceeds with rocket artillery programme, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 23 Oct 18.
K. Kuska, Polish territorial army to receive FlyEye UAVs, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 24 Oct 18.
K. Kuska, Raytheon signs Polish Patriot production contract , [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 26 Oct 18.
K. Kuska, Poland increases defence spending, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 17 Oct 18.
K. Kuska, Grounding order lifted for Polish ‘Fitters’, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 27 Sep 18.
K. Kuska, Poland seeks anti-radiation missiles, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 14 Sep 18.
K. Kuska, Poland to upgrade 14 more Leopard 2A4s to Leopard 2PL standard, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 31 Jul 18.
K. Kuska, Poland takes direct route to HIMARS, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 25 Jul 18.
K. Kuska, Poland to restart submarine programme, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 15 Jun 18.
K. Kuska, Poland seeks truck-mounted scatterable mine-laying system, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 14 May 18.
K. Kuska, Polish submarine programmme delayed until at least 2022, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 10 May 18 .
K. Kuska, First Warmate operators trained for Polish army, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 2 May 18.
K. Kuska, Poland begins negotiations to buy navy navigation radars, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 2 May 18.
K. Kuska, Poland examines plausibility of developing counter-UAV system, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 5 Mar 18.
K. Kuska, Polish team developing stealth AUVs, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 9 Mar 18.
K. Kuska, WZE will service Polish radars, air defence equipment, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 5 Mar 18.
K. Kuska, Poland extends service life of Perry-class frigates, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 13 Mar 18.
K. Kuska, Belarus announces modernisation priorities, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 27 Feb 18.
K. Kuska, V4 group increases defence co-operation, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 26 Feb 18.
K. Kuska, Polish special forces privatise parachute training, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 2 Mar 18.
K. Kuska, Russian naval vessels continue to suffer fires while alongside, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 20 Feb 18.
K. Kuska, Poland plans four types of UAVs, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 12 Feb 18.
K. Kuska, Poland seeks civilian contractors for airlifting troops, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 13 Feb 18.
K. Kuska, Poland increases foreign deployments, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 6 Feb 18.
K. Kuska, Poland launches procurement procedure for new loitering munition, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 7 Feb 18.
K. Kuska, Poland ponders new procurement agency and command reform, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 7 Feb 18.
K. Kuska, Russian submarine production secured until 2027, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 6 Feb 18.
K. Kuska, Sweden buys back submarine base on Gotland, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 30 Jan 18.
K. Kuska, Belarus receives CS/VN3 Dajiang armoured vehicles from China, say reports, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 25 Jan 18.
K. Kuska, Poland seeks land forces command system, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 16 Jan 18.
K. Kuska, Russia to deploy Su-27SM3s to Kaliningrad to prepare to receive Su-35s, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 16 Jan 18.
K. Kuska, PGZ reveals surge in exports, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 10 Jan 18.
K. Kuska, Polish special forces to come under unified command, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 8 Jan 18.
K. Kuska, Poland could launch helicopter tender in early 2018, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 20 Dec 17.
K. Kuska, Polish territorial army takes shape, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 19 Dec 17.
K. Kuska, PGZ takes over Poland’s SMW shipyard, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 3 Jan 18.
K. Kuska, Poland looks to extend military training, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 3 Jan 18.
K. Kuska, Polish forces receive first batch of Warmate loitering munitions, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 3 Jan 18.
K. Kuska, Polish Orlik trainer upgrade agreed, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 3 Jan 18.
K. Kuska, PGZ proceeds with Pilica production, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 5 Dec 17.
K. Kuska, Poland begins process to buy new multirole aircraft, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 4 Dec 17.
K. Kuska, Senegal receives two more refurbed Mi-24s, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 4 Dec 17.
K. Kuska, Polish short-range missile defence system could be ready in two years, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 1 Dec 17.
K. Kuska, Poland seeks surveillance systems, [w] „Jane’s Defence Weekly”, 23 Nov 17.
Jane’s Missiles and Rockets
K. Kuska, Luch trials new interceptor with upgraded S-125 Neva/Pechora system, [w] Jane’s Missiles and Rockets, 17 Jan 18.
Jane’s Navy International
K. Kuska, Poland to provide SAR vessels for Vietnam, [w] „Jane’s Navy International”, 5 Dec 17.
Jane’s Airport Review
K. Kuska, Warsaw to adopt MLAT, [w] „Jane’s Airport Review”, 2 Aug 18.
K. Kuska, WCBKT branches out, [w] „Jane’s Airport Review”, 4 Jun 18.
K. Kuska, Warsaw workshop shines a light on ATM volatility, [w] „Jane’s Airport Review”, 23 May 18.
K. Kuska, Hensoldt showcases MSPSR solution, [w] „Jane’s Airport Review”, 27 Apr 18.
K. Kuska, Polish plan puts Chopin in the shade, [w] „Jane’s Airport Review”, 4 Apr 18.
K. Kuska, Minsk second runway makes progress, [w] „Jane’s Airport Review”, 22 Feb 18.
K. Kuska, Civil-military air rescue facility opens in Poland, [w] „Jane’s Airport Review”, 7 Feb 18.
K. Kuska, Poland explores ATM cyber protection, [w] „Jane’s Airport Review”, 23 Jan 18.
K. Kuska, Chopin traffic surges but Polish government composes a replacement, [w] „Jane’s Airport Review”, 22 Jan 18.

Air Forces Monthly

Polish maritime aircraft
Poland starts fighter buy process
Polish M-346 still grounded
AvDet 17-2 report AFM
News from Poland
News from Poland
Report about Polish F-16 display team.
Report from AvDet 17-1 in Powidz
Report from 2012 ZLOT exercise
Interview with gen. Majewski about PAF
Article about the 31. Base in Krzesiny near Poznań
Interiew with col Jacek Pszczoła from 31. BLT

Combat Aircraft

Aviation Detachment 18-5
NATO Tiger Meet
Poland wants new pods for it’s F-16s.

Vayu Aerospace

Polish Mi-17s from the SOF
F-16, MiG-29 and Su-22 in Polish Air Force

Defence and Security Alert

Template for India helicopters tenders DSA_May_Dr_Krzysztof_Kuska
Territorial Army
Indian Navy
Report about India Air Power

Model Aircraft

Article about Revi 16B gun-sight


LC-130 in detail
Article about a German MG 151/20 mm cannon
Interview with a Lancaster rear gunner
Article about gunners
Article about probably the longest flight of a Lancaster bomber
A text describing the problems of F-22 aircraft
JPADS – new drop system for the air force

Lotnictwo Aviation International

Second Syria strike
General Atomics Predator
MQ-9 Reaper
Polish C-130 10 years part I
Polish C-130 10 years part II
Luftwaffe transformation
F-35 in Israel
First Polish F-16 pilot
Future aircraft
AvDet 18-5
33. BLTr firefighters
Interview with “Jello”

M28 flies to Africa
C-130 in Bulgaria
Interview with col. Gaudyn
Polish C-130 takes part in Swift Response
10th AvDt in Powidz
Chinese Su-27 derivatives
Rebirth of Afghan Air Force
KAI T-50 monography
THAAD monogrpahy

Gripen NG
Saber Guardian
Polish C-130 in Saragossa
Tyhoon and Jaguar
F-22 and F-35 together at Red Flag
AH-64 laser
F-35 bombs
UAV control
MQ-25 future
C&C for USA
no F-22 restart
How many B-21
C-130 Europe
New radars for US F-16
F-35C drops a guided bomb on a moving target
F-35 engine modification
New software for F-22
Z-19E helicopter is airborne
Global Hawk monography

News from China
New platforms for Meteor missile
AvDet 17.2
Have Rider II
Qaher F-313
Marines refuel their F-35B
First phase of Gremlin program
X-47B monography.
F-35 as a drone managing platform.
Drones for C-17 inspection.
Laser prepared for AC-130
C-5 jumps straight to Japan.
Boeing military aircraft export
Perdix micro UAV
Aviation Detachment 17-1 report from Powidz Airlift Base
Laser weapons on tactical fighters.
First flight of Boeing T-X and Chinese FC-31


U-2 in CIA
Polish F-16 refuel
Qatar Air Force
Mi-17 in Polish Air Force
Su-22 shot down in Syria
Polish C-130E
U.S. Navy and USMC fleet readiness
CH-53K program
Problems wit the F-35C landing gear
B-24 vs B-17 aircraft comparison
de Havilland Mosquito vs Ta-154 comparison
P-47 vs Fw 190 comparison
Heinz Bar – one of Germany’s top scoring pilots
German fighters during operation Barbarossa

Polska Zbrojna

Interview with 33. BLTr base commander
Polish loadmasters
F-15 in USA
Last C-130 from Vietnam


Rebuilding a Fw 190 aircraft

Militaria XX wieku

Bomber Command in the first period of war in Europe
Jerzy Hedinger – a Polish submarine officer from ORP “Ryś”
German nigh bombing of Europe

Militaria XX wieku, wydanie specjalne

Messerschmitts from JG 77 over Sicily

Panorama Polska

Jerzy Strzyż
11th of November
People see it
We want bread!
He did what he promised
GreaterPoland uprising
Gniezno engine house
City of York
Krzeszów monastery
Ząbkowice Śląskie
Ląd monastery
Global changes
AvDet in Powidz
What will happen with America?
Will the storm come from the east?

Canada and it’s fighter forces
Firs pilot over Arctic
Poznań – a city with a fortress
Alone over the Atlantic
Fortress Przemyśl
Interview wit AMU chancellor